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Improve blood circulation in scalp

How to improve blood circulation for hair growth?

Improve blood circulation in scalp

Are you trying to improve your hair growth? But are not able to see any difference even after using a lot of different products on your hair? Then this means that your hair requires better blood circulation. 

Blood circulation to our hair is life food to our body, poor blood circulation in your scalp can lead to hair fall, dull and damaged hair. However, good blood circulation not only improves hair growth but also helps in making the hair texture better. 

You can achieve your hair goals only if you keep your scalp in good shape. Blood circulation ensures that your scalp derives all the essential nutrients and oxygen to be healthy. Subcutaneous blood flow helps in the anagen phase of the hair, making them grow longer.

Symptoms that your hair lack blood circulation 

After talking about how important it is to have blood circulation, let us not talk about some of the common symptoms that may show you lack blood circulation. 

  • Lack of luster in hair, which is one of the first symptoms of poor scalp blood circulation.
  • Hair decreases in volume
  • Higher rate of hair loss than usual
  • Hair strands lose their density and become thinner 
  • New hair growth is slow
  • Hair follicles shrink and die

How to improve blood circulation in hair? 

We have been able to understand the basics of blood circulation in the scalp, now let us dig a bit deeper to find out how you can improve it. Here are all the ways in which you can improve blood circulation in your hair. 

Regular scalp massage 

Scalp massage is one of the best ways to improve blood circulation, you can choose any oil of your choice may it be olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or castor oil for massaging. These oils are enhanced with phytoconstituents that advance sound hair development, massaging regularly opens up the hair follicles.

Scalp cleansing

Scalp development can once in a while deter bloodstream under the skin. It is significant to have a spotless scalp for the blood to circulate regularly. 

Wash your hair with a gap of 1-2 days on the off chance that you have a slick scalp and each 3-4 days on the off chance that you have a dry scalp. Utilize an explaining cleanser once per month to dispose of dead skin cells, earth, abundance oil, and item development on the scalp. 

Comb your Hair 

The fibers of a hairbrush are known to invigorate the vessels and increase blood circulation on the scalp. Make a point to detangle your hair with a wide toothbrush before you begin brushing your hair. 

However, do not go overboard with the process, be gentle and do not be harsh as it could also lead to hair fall. 

Use essential oils 

Essential oils like lavender, thyme, rosemary, cedarwood, and peppermint are known to help in blood flow to the scalp. In addition, these oils forestall certain microbial contaminations of the scalp. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a carrier oil and massage it well into your scalp for about 10-15 minutes. Either leave it in for the night or wash it after a few hours. 

Breathing exercises or Yoga 

Breathing activities like pranayama in yoga support oxygen supply to the whole body including the scalp. Such activities include profound inward breaths, maintenance, and exhalations for opening up the nostrils and providing oxygen to all pieces of the body. 

Yoga can be a great exercise for all of you out there who want to help in better blood circulation to the scalp.

Appropriate Diet 

It is essential to consume all nutrients and minerals in a day as these get transferred into your scalp via blood circulation, you must add chicken, meat, fish, mushrooms, earthy colored rice, peanuts, green peas, avocados, and turkey that are not only rich in protein but are also a rich source of Vitamin B3.

Our body also requires nutrients like Vitamin A, B, zinc, iron, and protein which can be added into the diet, or if you are unable to consume a healthy amount then you can also resort to supplements. 

Coldwater showers 

As cold water hits your scalp, it makes the blood in the scalp more profound and helps it in circulating to all tissues at a much quicker rate. This aids in keeping up with the best internal heat level. 

All health care specialists always prefer that you must take cold water showers and only use cold water to cleanse your scalp. This helps in regulating better blood circulation and enhancing overall hair growth.

Take Away 

If your hair is lacking blood circulation then you know now what methods you need to use to improve the blood quality in your scalp. We hope the above information has been of help to all of you and that you will use all the above-mentioned tips to improve blood circulation in your scalp.