head massage for hair growth

Does head massage help in hair growth?

Hair fall can be treated in many ways and head massage is a really effective and easy way to do so. Your head is full of nerves and blood vessels and your hair follicles need blood to stay healthy and to grow. Blood flow increases when you massage your head and a light touch is sufficient you don’t need to go deep into that. You also feel very lightheaded after a head massage which is really important for hair growth. 

Benefits of head massage for hair growth

  1. One of the main benefits of head massage is it reduces hair tension which results in hair growth and healthy hair.
  2. If you have dry hair then massaging your head will help circulate blood to the vessels which will prevent them from breaking and hair loss.
  3. Massaging your hair promotes blood circulation which is also good for insomniac people. They feel light-headed and it helps them to sleep better at night.
  4. It also reduces stress and combats tension. Stress is the main reason for hair fall and head massage is a great way to wash off some stress.
  5. It acts as a lubricant and conditions the scalp which indeed prevents dry hair and dandruff.
  6. It makes it more manageable as it conditions the scalp.
  7. You can also use some essential oils for extra care. Warm-up some oil at a moderate temperature and use it as an exfoliant during your head massage. It will help you get rid of dry skin and flakes.

Various head massage techniques for hair growth helps you spread the oil evenly through the scalp.

Some of the oils which you can use for the head massage are:

Tea tree oil 

Argan oil

Castor oil

Rosemary oil

Jojoba oil

Coconut oil

If you have seasonal hair fall which is the type of hair fall people suffer from in the rainy season or any other season then head massages are really great for you.

Our scalp needs a push in order to grow our hair. If you leave your scalp without any nourishment and head exfoliants for a long time then it accumulates some gunk which clogs your pores and leads to hair fall. Head massages unclog the pores and the oils nourish the scalp making it a healthy environment for the hair to grow. 

If these aren’t effective enough for you then you can consult a dermatologist which will in return provide you with some medications which can help you in solving your hair fall problem. 

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