how biotin can help to cure male pattern baldness?

Male pattern baldness

Male Pattern Baldness is a very common issue that almost 50% men face. It is also known as androgenic alopecia, some men start facing this issue very young and others develop it as they grow older. 

Male Pattern Baldness can either be permanent or temporary, if treated at the right time using the right products then it can surely be cured. Hair fall is not gender specific, yet, men face it more often than women, let us tell you why.

The three main factors for Male Pattern Baldness can be seen in genetics which means that this could be a hereditary in your family, treating a hereditary Male Pattern Baldness is more essential than any as you can develop signs of it very early in age. 

The next major factors are age and hormones, both them are fluctuating and signs of Male Pattern Baldness must be taken seriously.

Types of male pattern baldness

Here are a few types of Male Pattern Baldness that you must be aware of-

1) Thinning on top of hair: This is one of the most common symptoms of Male Pattern Baldness and the major reason affecting this type of Hair fall is age. If your hair starts to recede at the hairline of your forehead then it should be noticed at the earliest. 

2) Bald Patches: Another type of Male Pattern Baldness commonly seen is, if your hair falls in a circular or patchy way. This creates various patches in the scalp, well this type of Hair fall may be a little itchy and painful of some. 

3) Loosening of Hair: This type of Hair fall is seen in people who face triggered stress and are going through an emotional time in their life. Common symptoms of this type of hair fall is when you start seeing a handful of hair breaking with each gentle comb. This is mostly temporary and can be cured.

How can biotin cure androgenic alopecia? 

Biotin tablets for hair is a very potent vitamin in curing Male Pattern Baldness, this supplement is known for boosting hair growth. Biotin is also known as vitamin H, it is an essential vitamin for metabolic functions in our bodies.

Biotin Deficiency in men can lead to excessive hair fall, many people who deal with hair fall on a regular basis swear by this vitamin.

Biotin plays a major role in keratin synthesis. Keratin is a very potent protein that makes the structure of our hair strong, healthy and nourished. Low Biotin rates in your body can make your hair dry, flaky and lead to excessive Hair loss.

Market is full of Biotin capsules & biotin tablets but if you want to cure this deficiency in a natural way then you can eat macronutrients that are rich in biotin. Some of these are egg yolks, liver, cauliflower, mushrooms, soybeans, beans, lentils, almonds, nuts, and whole grains. 


We would suggest you take one tablet a day of biotin for hair growth for at least 30 days to see a visible difference in your hair fall. You can also check out our amazing products to help taking care of your hair at Mars by GHC website.