water temperature for hair wash

Hot or Cold Water? Which one is better for Hair Wash?

I'm sure neither of us have ever paid enough attention to the temperature of water while washing our hair and it is not your mistake, it is normal and we often do not think of it being a huge deal. 

We do pay a lot of attention to what type of shampoo we choose it should be Paraben free, Sulfate free but we never think about the water temperature when washing our hair, however, recent studies have shown that it does play a very important role in hair fall and hair growth, so this is your call to make a change. 

The right temperature of water while washing our hair does not only maintain the strength of the Hair but they also help in maintaining the volume and moisture in your Hair which will play an important role in a healthy growth of your hair follicles. 

Today we will be guiding you to choose the perfect temperature for your hair, let us start by learning more about Hair and an ideal temperature for hair wash.

Why is it important to choose a water temperature to wash hair?

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Our roots are important and we have been taught that from childhood, just like our cultural roots are important and play a huge role in shaping us into being great individuals. Just like that the roots of our Hair are also important, when our Hair roots come in contact with a higher temperature they tend to expand and can increase Hair fall. On the other hand cold water keeps the roots contracted and tight which means this would not let Hair follicles loosen up and if you are suffering from Hair fall then you must wash your Hair with cold water. 

When our Hair follicles have to deal with warm water it severely affects our  keratin and lipid bonds on the Hair cuticles, this can cause serious harm to the cuticle layer of our scalp. On the contrary cold water makes sure the cuticle layer is sealed and secured and the Hair follicles are tightened. Leaving no room for hair fall. 

Many of you might be unaware but water temperature can be a huge factor in causing your Hair fall, other factors also play a role but water temperature added with the other Hair fall reasons just doubles up the damage caused to the scalp.

In some cases your doctor may suggest you to wash your Hair from hot water rather than cold, it also depends on your Hair texture, density and other factors. Let us now dig deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of Hot and cold water. 

Advantages and Disadvantages for using cold water on the Scalp

Usage of cold water may suit some people and can cause damage to others, let us find out everything in more detail and length so you can make a sound choice. 

Advantages of Cold Water 

  • Helps in preserving natural oils:

Washing your Hair with cold waters insures that your natural oils and sebum are intact. Our scalp needs the natural oils to maintain the pH balance and keep it hydrated at all times. Sebum also acts as a barrier to any environmental damage that may be caused to the scalp, it can be dust or bacteria that can develop in your scalp. 
  • Helps in maintaining a shiny texture:

Cold water helps in retaining the cuticle layer and keeps the protein balance in the scalp at all times. This keeps the Hair shiny and frizz free and maintains a healthy Hair texture. Cold water also helps in maintaining the shine and glossiness of the Hair preventing the original texture from being damaged. 
  • Maintains a clean and neat scalp:

Washing Hair with cold water makes sure that your scalp pores are locked in. It will prevent the scalp from getting greasy, oily or accumulating dust and dirt. This keeps the Hair healthy and hygienic and keeps the bacteria and dirt away. 
  • Helps in improving blood circulation:

Washing Hair with cold water has helped in Hair growth, cold water opens up the blood vessels. This insures a good blood circulation throughout the scalp and it helps in the scalp receiving all essential nutrients from the blood. 

Disadvantages of Cold water 

  • Can reduce Hair volume:

Many people face the issue of losing Hair volume and this can be due to cold water. When your pores and closed your cuticle layer may absorb more moisture than required this can result in making your Hair feel greasy and oils and can reduce the volume in your Hair. 
  • Not everyone can cold water:

This is a fact that not everyone can wash Hair with cold water, it can give you chills and make you feel uncomfortable. Especially during the winter season it is impossible to wash your Hair with cold water. 

Advantages and Disadvantages for using Hot water on the Scalp

Many people may enjoy warm water for taking a bath but is it really good for our scalp? Let us find out now. 

Advantages of using Hot water

  • Clears the scalp:

The scalp can accumulate oil, dust, dirt and bacteria from the environment. Washing Hair from hot water helps your pores to open up while you get a thorough cleaning done. It helps the shampoo to reach the pores and give them a deep cleansing, hence you must use a chemical free shampoo or else the chemical can cause damage to the scalp.

Disadvantages of using Hot water

  • Can increase dyrness:

Using hot water to wash your Hair can not be so great as it scraps off all the natural oils leaving the scalp dry and making Hair frizzy. Regular use of hot water can result in dandruff and Hair fall, so to avoid this from happening make better choices. 
  • Weakens the roots:

Hot water opens up your pores and exposes your Hair follicles to environmental damage. Hot water can also make your roots weak and lose control of the Hair follicles which can lead to Hair fall and Hair damage. Hot water also makes your Hair brittle which leads to split ends and dryness.
  • Can be a cause for inflammation:

Hot water can cause your scalp’s tissue to damage which can cause irritation and inflammation to the Hair follicles. 

What is the right temperature to wash your head?

After reading all the pros and cons of hot and cold water let us now discuss what is the perfect temperature for you to wash your Hair. The best temperature to wash Hair should be 100 F or 38 C, this will be slightly above your body temperature and is perfect to maintain a healthy balance. 

After shampooing your Hair with lukewarm water always run cold water in your scalp for less than a miniature this will help in closing the opened pores. 

Besides choosing the right temperature to wash your Hair you must also choose the right products to use on your scalp, here is a shampoo you need to invest in today. 

Anti Hair fall shampoo

This shampoo is a must for anyone going through Hair fall as it provides the scalp with daily nourishment leaving the hair strong and shiny. Groww B provides protection to the hair follicles from breaking, making hair thicker and more durable. 

To get a better result we will advise you to use the shampoo for 60 days and within the course of this time you will notice a change in your hair texture and hair fall. Groww B is so much more than just an anti-hair fall shampoo as other than fixing your hair fall problem, it improves the hair texture, growth and follicles. 

Ingredients of this shampoo:

This shampoo contains ingredients like Aloe Vera Extract, Watercress Extract, Argan Oil, Liposomal Caffeine, Ceramides, let us get into the benefits of them.

Aloe Vera Extract: Aloe Vera Extract is a good component as it helps in reduction of dandruff, this can also resolve the issues of an itchy scalp. Aloe Vera repairs the dead cells and helps in regrowth of hair follicles.

Watercress Extract: Watercress extract is enriched with properties that can balance the hormones and help in boosting the process of hair growth.

Argan Oil: Argan Oil is known for moisturizing and nourishing the scalp leaving the scalp healthier which will eventually lead to less hair fall.

Liposomal Caffeine: Caffeine is a good element in boosting hair growth, it also works as a natural DHT blocker.

Ceramides: Ceramides is an active agent that helps repair the texture of the hair, if you have damaged or dry hair this will help in treating the hair overall. 

If you want to purchase our dermatologist recommended Anti-hair Fall Shampoo than you can visit our website of Mars by GHC where you can also find many more products related to hair such as Minoxidil, Finasteride etc..

Image Courtesy: The Times, HealthifyMe