Folliculitis: Infected Hair Follicles, Types, Symptoms and Prevention

Hair follicles are more sensitive than we can imagine, the infection caused in Hair follicles can be severe and is commonly known as Folliculitis. Folliculitis happens when a bacteria enters the Hair follicles or if our Hair follicles are clogged by chemical products. 

As humans we have Hair follicles everywhere not only on our scalp and this infection can occur anywhere on your body, hence you must be aware and cautious about it. Some of the most common places prone to Folliculitis are neck, thighs, buttocks, or armpits.

Let us help you understand your Hair follicles a little better and help you guide in case you might have infected hair follicles and might have been unaware of its symptoms and cures.

Common Symptoms of Folliculitis 

Let us talk about some of the most common symptoms of Folliculitis.

  • Small red pimples or white head pimples in cluster around your Hair follicles 
  • Blisters that may be filled with pus and may ooze out and crust
  • Itching and pain around these red pimples 
  • Swollen skin and large pimples filled with pus

These are some of the common symptoms of Folliculitis. If you have ever experienced anything like this then you know how painful and severe you skin can be, constantly itching. Now let us talk about what are the various types of Folliculitis. 

Types of Folliculitis 

Folliculitis is not a life threatening infection but it can cause uneasiness in a person, the red pimples can ooze out pus and it can affect your life, you can visit a doctor and ask for medication. To identify if your Folliculitis is serious or mild let us talk about the types of Folliculitis.

Superficial types of Folliculitis- 

  • Bacterial Folliculitis:

This is one of the most common types of Folliculitis, it can happen due to a bacterial interaction with the skin. This will leave you with red pimples that can be small or big filled with pus.
  • Hot tub Folliculitis (Pseudomonas Folliculitis):

This type of Folliculitis can happen due to an infected swimming pool or bathtub. Make sure you are always swimming in a clean pool with balanced pH levels. This type of Folliculitis can leave a rash and redness.
  • Razor bumps (Pseudofolliculitis Barbae):

This can be caused due to the ingrown hair and is linked to shaving and waxing. You may have dark red bumps on your skin.
  • Pityrosporum Folliculitis:

This type of Folliculitis happens due to a yeast infection and is mostly seen on the upper body like back, chest or neck. This can leave red pimples filled with pus.

Now let us talk about some deep types of Folliculitis, if you have any of these types then you must visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Major type of Folliculitis-

  • Sycosis Barbae:

This type of Folliculitis happens to men who shave, this can leave large red pimples which can be painful and itchy.
  • Gram-negative Folliculitis:

This type of Folliculitis can occur if you are on an antibiotic medicine to cure acne.
  • Boils and Carbuncles:

This type of Folliculitis happens when the Hair follicle is severely infected by a bacteria, this can lead to larger boils that may be painful and ooze out pus. 
  • Eosinophilic Folliculitis:

This type of Folliculitis is commonly seen in kids or people with immune system issues. This leads to itchy and painful pus filled pimples on the face, back, chest or neck area.

    Causes for Folliculitis 

    Let us now dig into some of the most common causes of Folliculitis.

    • Bacteria called Staph is one of the common reasons for Folliculitis 
    • Clogged Hair follicles due to oil or moisturizer that may have chemicals 
    • Hair removal techniques, creams, razor, wax
    • Ingrown hair

    These are some of the most common causes for Folliculitis, you can visit your doctor if you see red spots on your skin, if you have itching or pain in those pimples. Your doctor will be able to administer your condition properly by examining those spots and looking at your skin. 

    Treatment for Folliculitis

    Now let us talk about the possible treatment for Folliculitis. If you have a mild Folliculitis then you may be able to treat it by yourself at the ease of your home but we would suggest if the home remedies don't work you must visit a doctor. 

    Preventions for Folliculitis

    Here are all the things you can do at home for Folliculitis.

    • Clean the infected area:

    You must clean the infected area with water and a mild soap, always use a clean napkin or towel to wipe off and leave the infection to breath and settle down.
    • Salt water:

    You can mix salt with water and place the infected area in it for 5-10 minutes, then wash off with water and a cleat towel.
    • Antibiotic gel:

    You can use an Antibiotic gel and soap to treat the infected area this will help in settling down the infection quicker.

    How to prevent Folliculitis 

    Let us talk about the simple ways in which you can prevent Folliculitis from occurring.

    1) Wash your skin properly with warm water and always use a clean towel.

    2) Use shaving gel or cream before going ahead with shaving anywhere on your body.

    3) Use a clean and new blade each time you shave.

    4) Make sure you clean your surrounding and do not have room for bacteria.

    Medications that you can use to cure Folliculitis-

    Cure for Folliculitis
    • Antibiotic Cream:

    Your doctor can set you up with some effective Antibiotic creams or gel according to the condition of your skin and the Folliculitis infection.
    • Oral pills:

    While doctors do not prefect giving pills in Folliculitis you can get them prescribed if you have a severe case.
    • Shampoo:

    If you have Folliculitis on your scalp then you need to change your shampoo to an Antibiotic one which is free from any chemicals and has natural ingredients.


    Use of Herbal Shampoo

    If you have Folliculitis then you should use herbal shampoo which is Parabean and Sulfate free. It should be made with all natural ingredients so this can be your safe bet. 

    Ingredients of this shampoo:

    We will recommend you to use Anti-hair fall shampoo which contains ingredients like Aloe Vera Extract, Watercress Extract, Argan Oil, Liposomal Caffeine, Ceramides, let us get into the benefits of them.

    1) Aloe Vera Extract: Aloe Vera Extract is a good component as it helps in the reduction of dandruff, this can also resolve the issues of an itchy scalp. Aloe Vera repairs the dead cells and helps in the regrowth of hair follicles.

    2) Watercress Extract: Watercress extract is enriched with properties that can balance the hormones and help in boosting the process of hair growth.

    3) Argan Oil: Argan Oil is known for moisturizing and nourishing the scalp leaving the scalp healthier which will eventually lead to less hair fall.

    4) Liposomal Caffeine: Caffeine is a good element in boosting hair growth, it also works as a natural DHT blocker.

    5) Ceramides: Ceramide is an active agent that helps repair the texture of the hair, if you have damaged or dry hair this will help in treating the hair overall. 

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