Can we do sex in periods?


A period is the period of the menstrual cycle when a matured girl by puberty hits into a woman resulting in bleeding from her vagina for a few days in a month. For most women periods happen every 28 days or so.

Menstrual cycle

The recurring or reoccurring cycle of physiological changes in the inseminated females of some animal species is associated with reproductive fertility; especially the cycle in a human woman.

A menstrual cycle has to be activated in women for them to become eligible for reproduction.

Is it okay to have sex during periods?

There's no scientific or health need to avoid sexual activity during periods unless one or both of the sexual partners are easily irritated, attitudinal, or obsessively compulsive disordered.

Some men or women are easily bothered or upset, tend to be nauseated or nervous, and act oversensitive. This kind of behavior may not support sexual intercourse during periods.

A woman can have sex while she is on her period. Orgasms can even relieve her menstrual cramps.

Few women get addicted to sex during their periods also, such as the impact of sexual intercourse during periods.

There are a lot of benefits associated with having sex during menstrual cycle periods. We will look into them in a brief note.

Stress relief from period pains

As one all knows that periods are the program of the female body to induce out the blood circulation pressurized inside her body with her natural body instincts.

As the vagina is a sensitive part and releasing blood from it is of course a painful act that could stress her a lot.

She would like to divert her mind during the course such that sexual intercourse could help her good.

The sexual hormonal activation during periods is a bodily act to balance the blood exertion in her private part.

Romance enhancement

As periods are painful and frustrating, women would love to get tenderness and cuddles from their partner. If a man cares for her for a while, she would love him even more than only results in the betterment of their relationship.

A lip-lock during her periods would help her a lot. The blood circulation is directed to her private part during her periods. A balancing act like lip kissing would balance the bloodstream in the body that possibly does not let excessive blood loss.

Natural lubrication

The blood released through her vaginal impart could act as natural lubrication for sexual intercourse.

In general, the vaginal walls are tight so that they may not have penile interaction in loose motion which could lead them to use various lubricants like oil and gels to get free momentum.

However, during periods, the blood sustained at the vaginal walls could allow the penile injection to become free and move well.

Love bond

If the persons are wild, the sex partners would love sexual intercourse during periods for they love blood. To get connected alongside the involvement of her blood is such a love-enhancing and bond bettering movement.

Side effects of sex during periods

There are of course certain side effects associated with sex during periods.

Messy and clumsy

If the people acting together in sex are sensitive by their nature, they would panic around watching the blood coming out.

If the people are easily irritated, they may not like the wetness.

Sometimes the periods may smell bad which could greatly damage the association.

If the penile intercourse is wild and forceful, there could be chances for more blood pressure enactment inside the body and skin cuts outside the body resulting in blood misplacement and excessive blood outage.

There could also be chances for blood to spill on a bed or the surroundings making scars or marks on bedsheets or floor. The blood could even spoil the clothes they wear during sexual activity. 

Does Menstrual blood harm the penis?

Period blood is said to be a mix of healthy blood and blood that the body no longer needs. So even if a man's penis has some periods of blood on it during sexual intercourse, there is nothing to worry about other than sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

If the period-occupied woman has some or other form of sexually transmitted infection or disease, then alone the man has to think about his safety. Then also, he can intercourse with the use of a condom in between the two genitals.

Can a girl get pregnant if she indulges in sex during her period?

Of course, a girl can get pregnant during her period. The whole purpose of periods is to satisfy the menstrual cycle which is the mainstream to the female reproductive system.