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Bhringraj Oil For Hair Growth

Bhringraj Oil For Hair Growth: Benefits And Side Effects

Bhringraj Oil For Hair Growth 

Oiling is one of the best ways to maintain healthy and happy hair. However, there are many oils available in the market, where bhringraj is one of those oils, often considered as an ayurvedic classical medicine that helps in treating many hair issues such as dandruff, grey hair, hair fall, etc. 

It also promotes healthy hair growth, prevents hair damage, and increases memory too. In addition, massaging your scalp regularly with bhringraj hair oil has a calming effect on the brain and induces the feeling of coolness on the head.

Composition And Ingredients Of Bhringraj Oil

Bhringraj oil is derived from the herb of the same name called false daisy oil which mostly grows in moist and damp areas. The plant produces two types of flowers, one is white and the other is yellow in color. Well, both can be used for making the oil, but white would be more preferable when compared with yellow.

The various ingredients of this oil make it an ideal hair care remedy and some of the ingredients include herbal juices, sesame oil, herbs like amla, lodhra, zedoary, padmaka, Lal Chandan, henna, mulethi, anantamul, nagarmotha, etc.

Benefits Of Bhringraj Oil For Hair Growth

As I said earlier, there are many benefits of using bhringraj oil for hair growth. Some of them are as follows:

  • It Helps In Reducing Hair Fall:

  • Stress is one of the most common reasons that lead to the cause of heavy hair loss. However, massaging bhringraj oil into your scalp helps in reducing hair fall for the people who are dealing with hair fall which is related to stress and other issues. Apart from its cooling properties, it also contains other nutrients that help to foster hair growth and prevent hair fall.

  • It Helps In Treating Baldness:

  • Bhringraj oil also helps in treating bald patches or baldness in people who have developed in their lives. The various herbs present in oil also improves the proper circulation of blood in the scalp which in turn aids in bringing more nutrients and proteins to the scalp, which results in triggering the growth of hair.

  • It Helps In Stimulating Hair Growth:

  • When you apply bhringraj oil on your scalp and hair, it increases the vasodilatation that provides enough nourishment and blood to the roots of your hair. The improved blood circulation in the scalp strengthens the roots of the hair and activates hair follicles, helping in enhancing hair growth.

  • It Helps In Reducing Dandruff:

  • Bhringaraj Oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that help in reducing dandruff. It also helps in treating skin conditions like psoriasis and other skin irritations on the scalp because of its anti-inflammatory properties. 

  • It Slows Down Graying Of Hair:

  • Even though graying of hair is highly genetic, some studies have shown that using bhringraj oil can slow down or prevent the graying process of hair. It is often understood as a loss of melanin content on the scalp, but the darkening properties of bhringraj help hair appear less gray.

  • It Helps In Soothing Headaches:

  • Massaging this herbal oil often is not only beneficial for your hair health, but it also helps in keeping the pain of headaches at bay. This is because of the presence of cooling properties that penetrate into the scalp and provide relief against migraines, headaches, and other kinds of pains.

  • It Also Helps In Preventing Itchiness On Scalp:

  • Different conditions in the environment, lack of hygiene might lead to the cause of dandruff-prone and itchy scalp. Regular washing of your hair cannot keep these issues away, a regular head massage with bhringraj oil is one of the best ways to detoxify your scalp. The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil also work effectively in reducing scalp issues like itching.

    Side Effects Of Bhringraj Oil

    Every product in the market comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. The same thing applies to this herbal oil too, bhringraj oil causes chills when taken orally, so it is not recommended to ingest it orally without consulting your doctor.

    It’s always important to do a patchy test before applying it to your whole scalp. Take a little amount of oil to your forearm and wait at least 30 minutes for signs of a reaction that include itching, swelling, stinging, or redness.

    How To Use Bhringraj Oil

    • For your hair growth, take a little amount of oil in your palms and massage it into your head using your fingertips, and allow it to sink in for an hour. 
    • You can also make a hair mask by mixing bhringraj powder with water, oil, and yogurt in a small bowl. Apply it to dry hair and leave it for about 30 minutes then rinse it with normal water.
    • For gray hair, mix one teaspoon of bhringraj oil with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil over low heat. Now, use this mixture to massage your scalp into your scalp and hair as well. Wash your hair after one hour and repeat this process 2-3 times a week. 

    Apart from the benefits to the hair, bhringraj oil is also helpful in reversing liver damage, snake bite toxicity, and promotes the feeling of relaxation.