Bhringraj oil

Benefits of bhringraj oil for hair

Bhringraj oil for hair

Bhringraj is one of the most famous ayurvedic herbs with excellent properties. Bhringraj is also famously known as mahabhringraj. Ayurvedic herbs have become famous all around the world for their rich potency. 

Bhringraj oil is derived from the leaves of the bhringraj plant. Bhringraj plant is known for being enriched with Iron, Vitamin E, magnesium, polypeptides, steroids, calcium, vitamin D. Bhringraj oil is also a rich source of protein which makes it even more beneficial for hair. 

Since childhood we have been taught about the various ayurvedic products that are great for our hair and Bringraj is surely one of them. Bhringraj plants are widely found in India, Brazil and Thailand. 


Bhringraj oil is one of the best according to ayurveda. It is enriched with natural healing properties that will rejuvenate your hair follicles. Now let us know all the benefits of using Bhringraj oil.

Treats dandruff 

Bhringraj oil is enriched with antifungal and antimicrobial properties which makes it one of the best oils to treat dandruff. Bhringraj oil penetrates deeper into the scalp and helps in treating the dryness and flaky skin from within. With dandruff a lot of us also face itching. Bhringraj oil also helps in treating the itchiness of the scalp. 

You can warm up bhringraj oil and give your scalp a gentle massage, regular use of bhringraj oil will reap you more benefits. 

Helps in hair growth

Regular massage with Bhringraj oil helps in improving blood circulation, the nutrients in the oil diffuse in the scalp making it healthy. The nutrients present in the Bhringraj oil make it easier for hair follicles to grow and become more healthier. 

Prevents from hair fall

Bhringraj oil can also be used as aromatherapy, stress can be a major reason for hair fall in most people but with bhringraj oil you can reduce stress and get your healthy hair back. 

Bhringraj is enriched with all the vital nutrients which also work as magic to treat hair fall. So, with the vital nutrients and stress releasing properties bhringraj becomes the best to control hair fall.

Improves blood circulation

Bhringraj oil improves blood circulation, it causes vasodilation which means that it widens the vessels in your scalp improving the blood flow in the scalp. Widening the vessels will allow the oil to reach deeper in the scalp resulting in better hair growth. 

Prevents from premature greying of hair 

The leaves of bhringraj are used to obtain a black dye, which means that bhringraj oil also has properties that prevent premature greying of hair. You can use the oil on a regular basis to get the most benefits. 

Helps in making hair lustrous 

Bhringraj oil provides a deep conditioning to the hair and makes it lustrous and shiny. The oil helps in maintaining the natural shine of the hair making them glossy and lustrous. 

Treats scalp infections 

Bhringraj oil also helps in treating scalp infections, the oil is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties that fight against infections and bacteria that might have inhabited the scalp. 


Using bhringraj oil is very easy. You can either use only Bhringraj oil on your scalp or you can mix it with a carrier oil and then use it on your scalp. There are other methods in which you can also use Bhringraj oil. Let us look at some of them.

Amla and bhringraj 

You can mix amla powder and Bhringraj powder together to make a hair mask, Bhringraj is also available in powder form in the market and you can easily source it. 

You can also add amla powder to bhringraj oil and use it on your scalp for 30-40 minutes and rinse it off with a natural shampoo. 

It is vital to use a natural shampoo to rinse off as it will help in maintaining the pH balance of the scalp. Chemical products can harm your scalp and cause irritation. Here is the shampoo that you can use. 

Anti Hair fall shampoo 

Groww B Shampoo protects the hair follicles from breaking and makes hair thick and durable. To get a better result we will advise you to use this shampoo for 60 days and within the course of this time, you will notice a change in your hair texture and hair fall. 

Indigo and Bhringraj 

Indigo is a natural dye that can help in reducing premature greying of hair, this combined with Bhringraj becomes a potent combination. You can warm some Bhringraj oil and mix it with indigo dye to make a paste and apply on your scalp for 30-40 minutes, rinse off with a natural shampoo. 

Take Away 

Bhringraj oil is one of the best ayurvedic gifts to us, we hope you like the in-depth knowledge on this oil. Use bhringraj oil on a regular basis to see a huge difference in your hair growth pattern, it will help in making your hair healthier and shinier. Do share your experience if you have use it before.