Ayurvedic medicine for sex

Ayurvedic Medicines For Sex And Its Benefits

Ayurvedic Medicines For Sex

Ayurvedic medicine is an alternative and powerful medicine that is useful in treating erectile dysfunction which has been used for thousands of years around the world. Even though it originated in India, it has gained popularity in the west as people are looking for more natural remedies for specific ailments and to benefit their overall health.

It is believed that as the power of the universe when energies are disrupted, physical ailments can manifest. People with erectile dysfunction have difficulty in getting erection for satisfactory performance. It is a very common problem in men these days, which is affecting almost 40% of male population and many men above the age of 40.

Attaining an erection is a complex process that involves hormones, muscles, blood vessels and proper mental health. It is generally cause of some physical, physiological or psychological factors where physical activities include some disease or trauma like heart diseases, low testosterone levels, spinal injury, obesity and excessive usage of alcohol etc, psychological factors such as stress, anxiety and consciousness of performance during sex.

Well, the term klabiya in ayurveda is strongly believed that ED can also occur due to the excessive intake of compatible foods that are high in calories, salt or sugar or heavy. As a matter of fact, a healthy mind is important during physical activity including performance, where an imbalance of vata doshas plays a key role. 

An increase in vata doshas result in causing confusion, intoxication, anger, jealousy etc, and all these negative emotions obviously lead to excessive palpitations and sweating during sexual activity and make one lose interest in the partner.

However, ayurvedic medicine is used for everything ranging from boosting immunity to preventing inflammation in the body and warding off the common cold. It often aims to maintain health and prevent diseases and discomfort first and foremost, rather than act as a reactionary measure once a person falls ill. Below are some ayurvedic medicines and its benefits for sexual health.

Ayurvedic Medicine For Sexual Health:

Maintaining is just as important as keeping our immune system stronger or preventing aches or pains in the body. And the best part of ayurveda is that it can also be beneficial for your sexual health too. Check out these best ayurvedic medicines for your sexual health.

1. Ashwagandha and Its Benefits:

Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb used to manage stress in our body and also provides numerous other benefits for your body and brain as well. Practitioners use this herb as a general tonic to boost energy levels and to reduce stress and anxiety. Some people also claim that this herb is also beneficial for certain diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's diseases and anxiety.

  • Ashwagandha is considered as rasayana which simply means it helps in maintaining youth, both mentally and physically. That's the reason it makes sense. 
  • It would also aid in sexual health, as a simple rule when we are mentally at our best then we are physically at out best as well.
  • Ashwagandha is not only useful in regulating sexual hormones, but it also provides many mental benefits as well. It works great for promoting your sexual health. 
  • This powerful herb is also found to increase sperm count and fertility in men. In addition, it has been shown to help reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction disorder.

2. Turmeric And Its Benefits:

Turmeric is one of the well known herbs from ancient Indian culture not only as aphrodisias and also as a postpartum tonic too. 

Testosterone is not only a male sex hormone, its one of the sex hormone for both male and females. This hormone is responsible for causing sexual excitement and desire. Its abilities as an aphrodisiac even made it into kama sutra and is mentioned as one of the key ingredients in distilled liquor.

  • Tantric sex practices traditionally recommended one gram of turmeric in one cup of water is a great way to have great performance before sex. 
  • When you're dissolving turmeric in water, make sure to add some honey and black pepper to increase its taste as well as absorption.

3. Exercises And Its Benefits:

There are innumerable ways to enhance the pleasure of sex. Like finding new and exciting places to make love together, watching adult movies etc, but when it comes down to it, your body and mind are considered as effective sexual assets and here are some tricks and tips you should know to improve your sexual performance.

  • We can engage in any physical activity from walking up stairs to lifting weights we need to breathe.
  • But, when we are performing any activity we often tend to hold our breath to control the muscles. Holding your breath reduces the amount of oxygen arriving at the muscles your body using, which makes you tired faster than you expected.
  • So, it's better to involve some breathing exercises before you enter into any physical activity. It leads to an increase in sexual pleasure and aid in clearing our minds so that we can focus on what we're doing without destructive thoughts outside the world entering our consciousness. 
  • Practise deep breathing exercise regularly for maximum benefits not only for sex but also for your everyday life too.

4. Ginseng And Its Benefits:

Ginseng is also considered as king of herbs and found to be a wonderful and effective agent to improve general well-being too. It is widely used for treatment of a number of conditions including ED. Ginseng is the oldest form of herbs and is not harvested until the plant is 6 years old. The plant root has stalks which resemble the human body with arms and legs. 

  • According to several studies, this herb is effective in boosting libido in both male and females. It is easily found in local drug stores or supermarkets in various forms as supplements just like turmeric.
  • Apart from sexual benefits, it also helps in reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, and increases energy levels by approaching all aspects of the human mind and body.

5. Shatavari And Its Benefits:

Shatavari is a rejuvenating herb for men's reproductive hormones and can be consumed in many ways to improve the performance. 

  • It helps in increasing sperm count and lowers sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction. 
  • When consumed shatavari powder regularly it also helps in reducing stress, calming down your mind and increases blood circulation which consequently helps in treating erectile dysfunction.
  • As it is rich in essential vitamins, minerals such as zinc, calcium, potassium and many more and is believed in proper ovulation and also to get rid of symptoms of menopause too.

6. Gokshura And Its Benefits:

Gokshura also known as nature's Via-agra, for sexual health of men and also for resolving problems like hair fall and eye problems. This herb is often found in India, especially in himalayas. 

  • Gokshura increases testosterone in your body and improves your libide by acting as an aphrodisiac. 
  • Consuming it on a regular basis improves your sexual performance and wellbeing. 
  • This is a highly effective way of absorbing its benefits for men fuss-free and time effectively.

All the herbs are quite effective and completely safe to use for your sexual health as well as for your well being.