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Does Ashwagandha Increase Height?

Does Ashwagandha Increase Height?

Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb that is also known as ‘Indian winter cherry’ or ‘Indian ginseng. It is one of the most important herbs of Ayurveda which is being used by a lot of doctors as a supplement in a lot of medicines. It promotes a state of physical and mental health and expands happiness. It is in the form of a powder that is mixed with water. It enhances brain functions and the nervous system.

It is known as an adaptogen and it can help your body manage stress. It is taken as a supplement for many things and can be very effective. It has many benefits for our body inside out.

Ashwagandha is known to increase height in men if the supplement is taken in a proper amount. 

Does ashwagandha increase height? 

The internet is filled with several height supplements. But most of them have their side effects so it is important to go for safe height supplements. And when you are looking for such supplements herbal supplements are the best and they are safe.

The human growth hormone is controlled by the pituitary gland which is known to boost cartilage production between the long bones of both hands and legs. The cartilage later converts into a bone and hence increases the height.

Ashwagandha root extracts are proven to boost height by many researchers.  It has been used to increase height for several years. Its root extracts are the most important hormone for height. Ashwagandha helps in increasing bone density. It increases the expression of genes, which further helps in bone mineralization.

As you know ashwagandha reduces stress and which helps us to have a better sleep. Proper sleep is crucial in the development of height.

How to consume ashwagandha to increase height?

They are available in tablet and churan form and you can get them from anywhere. You don’t need a prescription to consume it but it should be taken in controlled amounts. You can buy the same and eat it at your home after your meals every day. If you taking churan instead of tablets then take 1-2 spoons and then consume once every day.

Poor diet and lack of exercise can affect the bone formation and muscle building in men which can prevent their height from growing. Ashwagandha can help increase your efficiency and bone strength. It will also increase your starvation and which will help you reach your diet goal.

Ashwagandha has a lot of other benefits and some of them are:

Benefits of ashwagandha

1) It can reduce sugar levels

If taken in the right amounts, ashwagandha can reduce sugar levels. It has been proven to reduce blood sugar levels in both healthy people and those with diabetes.

2) It can treat stress and anxiety

Some doses of ashwagandha can reduce stress and anxiety. It can calm your brain nerves and body. It is said to be used as a sedative and anxiety medication.

3) Anti-aging

Taking ashwagandha root extracts helps to improve well-being, sleep quality, and mental alertness by small to moderate amounts in people aged 65-80 years.

4) Athletic performance

Ashwagandha increases the use of oxygen during exercise. It boosts your physical performance and helps your athletic performance.

5) High cholesterol

There is some evidence that ashwagandha can help you reduce cholesterol levels.

6) Anti-cancer properties

Ashwagandha is said to induce compound apoptosis which is the programmed death of cancer cells. It also impedes the growth of new cancer cells in several ways.

7) It can reduce cortisol levels

Cortisol is a hormone that is released from your adrenal glands in response to stress as well as when your blood sugar levels get too low.

Studies have shown that ashwagandha may help reduce cortisol levels. Some adults use ashwagandha supplements just to reduce their cortisol levels.

8) Improves overall heart health

As we know it boosts physical performance and oxygen flow it also promotes overall heart health. It helps in lowering high blood pressure, lowers high cholesterol levels, eases chest pain, and prevents heart disease.

One 2015 study in humans suggested that ashwagandha root extract could enhance a person’s cardiorespiratory endurance.

9) Arthritis

Ashwagandha is proven to act as a pain reliever, preventing pain signals from traveling deep into the nervous system.

For this reason, some research has shown it to be effective in treating forms of arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis.

A small 2015 study in 125 people with joint pain was done and this herb was proven to work for the treatment.

10) Male infertility

Taking 5 grams of ashwagandha daily for 90 days can increase sperm count in men and can also improve erectile dysfunction. The health of their sperm is also involved.

Some other benefits of ashwagandha are:

It is used to treat Parkinson disease

For liver problems



Ulcerations, when applied to the skin

Altering immune system function

Inducing vomiting

Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Alternative ways to increase height?

Genetic factors also contribute to your height and some environmental factors like nutrition and exercise.

1) Balanced diet

Eat a diet with all the vitamins and nutrients present in it. Macronutrients are a must to increase your height. Add some fruits and vegetables to your diet. Limit foods that contain sugar, Trans fat, and saturated fats. Vitamin D also promotes bone health so make sure you are getting a lot of it. You should not compromise with your diet and eat all the healthy stuff as much as you can.

2) Exercise daily

Working out daily is important for our health and it can help us improve a lot of things in our body. It helps in strength-building and also improves our flexibility. This will help to increase height as our bones and muscles will expand.

3) Improve your posture

Many people tend to hunch over when they walk or sit because of which they look a little small in height. They develop a habit of sitting like that only and their spine bends some inches.

4) Proper sleep

Taking a full-time sleep and waking up fresh is very important for your body to grow. If you are always tired then your body will not be able to digest properly which will lead to several problems.

5) No smoking and drinking

If you enjoy an occasional smoking and drinking binge then it is time to put an end to it. Smoking and drinking can reduce bone mass thus stunting your body growth.

6) Yoga

There are some popular yoga poses which you can try to increase your height. Yoga asana has been proven very effective when performed properly.

7) Use fashion to your advantage

You can style yourself to look taller. Change up your style and look and you can give yourself an illusion of longer legs and a longer torso. You can wear just one color, shorter shorts or skirts and ankle boots instead of tall boots.

Ashwagandha for men

Ashwagandha has a lot of benefits for men especially. Its herbal nature is considered a lot effective for men in enhancing their physical performance.

It is used as a testosterone booster

Testosterone levels reduce with age, but they can also be affected by many other factors such as stress, environmental factors such as fatigue, increased body fat, and mood changes. Ashwagandha has gained a lot of popularity in increasing testosterone levels and increasing the quality of sperm and higher antioxidant levels.

It also reduces cortisol levels which are known to be testosterone levels. Cortisol levels elevate when stress is persistent. A high level of cortisol will negatively impact testosterone levels.

Increases muscle mass and strength

Ashwagandha is said to increase muscle mass when taken in the right quantity. A study showed that taking ashwagandha daily for 8 weeks combined with resistance training resulted in a significant increase in muscle mass and strength. Ashwagandha supplements can be taken before or after working out depending upon the dosage. In all, ashwagandha increases the level of testosterone and decreases body fat.

Better endurance

These herbal supplements are better in improving endurance, with about double the endurance during physical activity. Ashwagandha has anti-inflammatory and anti-stressor properties.

Ashwagandha is an aphrodisiac and can stimulate performance in bed. Ashwagandha is one of the very common ingredients in herbal aphrodisiac products. When men start taking ashwagandha, the production of nitric oxide is stimulated in their bodies. As a result of this, the blood vessels that carry blood to the genitals are dilated.  This causes an increase in desire and satisfaction.

Side effects of ashwagandha

  • It may increase thyroid problems such as hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. Researchers believed in a  2018 study that this effect may happen due to ashwagandha’s cortisol lowering effect, but more work needs to be done to confirm that.
  • It can also increase immune activities in some people with autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, or multiple sclerosis, this can make their symptoms worse.

Take Away

Ashwagandha is an easy, effective and safe ayurvedic herbal product, which can be added to your daily diet to help improve health and quality of life. In all, ashwagandha has no serious side effects but it should be taken in a controlled manner and the dosage should be recommended by the doctor.