Tablets to increase sex drive

Are there any tablets available to increase women’s sex drive?

Sex drive

Sex drive is a flexible action, passion, and intention between two bodies. The muscular movement passing through various joints during sex is supposed to be feasible to any given position.

Sex drive is a little different from sexual intercourse even though they both intend to orgasm in the climax. Sex drive acts more in the brain or nervous system to stimulate sexual energies and vibes in the body irrespective of one is about to involve in sex or not. Adult age people's dreams are full of sex drive. However, sex drive is mandated in the moments of sexual intercourse. Otherwise, one cannot satisfy another. Sex drive is the source of warmness that can expel or expose another person who is about to engage in sexual intercourse.

Women's sex drive

Women's sex drive is needed in more magnitude compared to a men's sex drive. The sexual pull of the woman has to be more intense than what the push of the man is during the course in order to obtain a satisfying sexual activity from either side of the individuals who engaged in the sexual activity.

However, there are women who face a lack of interest in sex drive or the lack of sex drive itself due to various factors composed in the body or the mind. As the woman becomes older or takes the responsibility of motherhood, she generally forgets the intent of satisfying themselves. 

For suppose, women’s vaginal dryness is a physiological problem that greatly reduces sexual enjoyment.

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder which is known to be the mental and physical loss of desire to have sex for an extended period of time is another disorder in women to lose sexual interest or passion towards sex drive.

There are also women who faceless force in sex drive or have no interest in sex due to the absence of libido or the essential hormones needed to engage sexual stimulations in the body.

For instance, having higher levels of estrogen in the body promotes vaginal lubrication and increases sexual desire. Estrogen levels rise before and during ovulation, causing an increase in sex drive. The absence or low presence of estrogen in the female body demotivates her to sexual activity. 

To bring back sex drive to the body, one has to take various supplements to increase the essentials in the body. For such, estrogen is available in many forms, including pills, patches, sprays, and gels.

There are various pills or tablets available in the medicinal industry that help stimulate sexual desires and intensify sex drive in women. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the major unit for the drug industry to allow any drug to be used for any observed disorder.

Pill flibanserin

The pill flibanserin is a known drug found in tablets is used to boost sex drive in premenopausal women with low sexual desire. Flibanserin is best put in use to treat women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder that causes a low sexual desire that further causes distress or interpersonal difficulty.

The drug takes at least 4 weeks to showcase its effect on the body. The pill is to be taken every day for continuous four weeks but the sexual intercourse could be started right from the day the tablet is taken. In fact, sexual intercourse helps the body system to access drug effects in less time.

First female libido drug, Addyi

How famous viagra is for men, addyi make that to women. Addyi is the brand name given to the drug flibanserin and is the firstmost libidinal drug agreed into the market.

As sex-related drugs are subjective to pleasure and addiction, the administration would think twice before accepting its allowance into the market.


Bremelanotide, sold under the brand name Vyleesi, is a medication used to treat low sexual desire in women. It is the best medicine to be taken to support the body mechanism before menopause.

Ashwagandha Tablets

Ashwagandha impacts the endocrine system that includes thyroid glands and adrenal glands. These glands mechanize the female reproductive system to finite Ovulation.

Ashwagandha is also known to decrease the chances of getting breast cancer. It is a natural medicine available to boost sexual desire. They are finitely found in tablets.

Vitamin E capsules

Vitamin E is the essential vitamin needed to bear sexual stimulations. It is also needed to activate all the essential sex enzymes in the body. Vitamin E is naturally found in various fruits and vegetables. Still, vitamin E capsules are available in the market to provide all alone vitamin E to the body in a very short period.


Any food or drug that is subjected to arousing or intensifying sexual desire is called an aphrodisiac. For that matter, vitamin E is especially known to be an aphrodisiac vitamin.

Take Away

Avocado, dark chocolate, figs, pomegranate, strawberries, coffee, and bananas are some of the considered natural aphrodisiacs and are loaded with nutrients that help to promote blood flow to the genitals to increase sex drive.