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Losing hair? Eat these 9 foods to prevent hair fall

Losing hair? Eat these 9 foods to prevent hair fall

Hair loss is a very common issue from which a number of people go through. Some experience permanent hair loss and others experience temporary. This is a natural phenomenon and could happen to anyone at any age. Everyone loses at least 100 strands while brushing or washing their hair. But if you lose more than that and your hair is coming off in a bunch then you may be suffering from a hair fall disease. This can cause stress and self-esteem problems in some people and even depression in some. People lose their confidence and suffer a lot mentally. And hair loss not only happens at the head but from eyebrows, eyelashes and other body hair also starts to fall out. 

You can prevent or stop this problem completely with many remedies. There are chances that you may be lacking some micro or macronutrients which are causing your hair to fall out. Like the deficiency of vitamin B12 causes hair to turn gray and eventually fall out.  

Some of the foods through which you can prevent hair loss are:

1) Walnuts

These are said to be rich in biotin, B vitamins, and Vitamin E which strengthens the hair roots and promotes hair growth. They also nourish the scalp and prevent flaky scalp.

2) Flaxseeds 

These seeds are filled with omega-3 fatty acids that easily reach your hair follicles and shaft to nourish your scalp and prevent hair fall. They also add some elasticity to the hair and prevent breakage. 

3) Eggs

They are a great source of protein and biotin. These two nutrients work as a booster to promote hair growth. Protein is important for hair growth so lack of protein in our diet can promote hair problems.

4) Avocados

Avocados are a great source of healthy fat. They are an excellent source of vitamin E which promotes hair also combats oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals.

5) Soybeans

Soybean is said to contain spermidine which promotes hair growth. Adding soybean to your diet will help you prevent hair problems.

6) Meat

It is a rich source of all the nutrients which provide hair growth. The protein which is found in meat aids hair growth and helps repair the hair follicle.

7) Dairy products

Dairy products like milk, curd, and tofu are loaded with essential nutrients such as proteins and vitamin B12, iron, zinc, and omega 6 fatty acids. These nutrients promote hair growth and hair thickness.

8) Beetroot

This is rich in chemicals like nitrates. These contribute to improving blood circulation and promote overall hair health.

9) Lentils

They are packed with iron, zinc, biotin, and folic acids. Our body needs folic acid to restore the red blood cells that supply our hair oxygen and result in good health of our hair.

What you eat affects your overall body health. So make sure you are eating to treat your body well. Lack of various vitamins and minerals may stop your hair growth and damage your hair roots.

Focusing on the diet is important but if you are facing extreme hair fall then you should seek help from the dermatologist. 

You can check out our products which are effective in preventing hair fall and are suggested by our dermatologists. 

1) Minoxidil topical solution 

Minoxidil is a powerful peripheral vasodilator that is considered an effective topical solution. Minoxidil Topical Solution stimulates hair growth, and hence it is used for hair fall control, treating MPB (Male pattern baldness).

2) Anti-hair fall shampoo

It nourishes your hair and scalp with no harmful chemicals (Parabens and Sulphate free). The shampoo helps to strengthen your hair, improves the texture of your hair, and reduces hair fall. 

3) Biotin tablets 

The biotin tablets are enriched with multivitamins which help in hair growth and improve metabolism. Biotin tablets include a total of 10 vitamins in it. The tablets reduce hair fall, improves scalp health, promotes hair growth and makes your hair stronger & healthier than before.

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